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Big Brothers Big Sisters is not your typical organization. They help children realize their potential and build their futures. They nurture children and strengthen communities. And they couldn’t do any of it without you.

Each time Big Brothers Big Sisters pairs a child with a role model, we start something incredible: a one-to-one relationship built on trust and friendship that can blossom into a future of unlimited potential. And thanks to the first-ever nationwide impact study of a mentoring organization, we have the facts to prove it.

Here's the proof. National research has shown that positive relationships between Littles and their Bigs have a direct and measurable impact on children’s lives. By participating in our programs, Little Brothers and Sisters are:

* more confident in their schoolwork performance
* able to get along better with their families
* 46% less likely to begin using illegal drugs
* 27% less likely to begin using alcohol
* 52% less likely to skip school.
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About the Wakeland Family

Our Family History

Lorraine Wakeland was born in Southern California in 1972.  She is the youngest of five children. As a young child she attended Bethel Christian School, a local school with a diverse student population.  During her early teen years she moved to Texas with her family, where she attended Bay Area Christian School. Lorraine spent her Junior year of High School in Virginia with her sister.  She attended college in Arizona and at the University of Houston-Clear Lake, where she received her Bachelors in Interdisciplinary Studies. Lorraine has lived in the Houston area for over 15 years.  She had the unique privilege of teaching at her alma mater, Bay Area Christian.  Lorraine is married to Richard Wakeland. They had one dog, Patch who passed in November 2009.

My husband and I are unable to conceive.  We have always wanted children and felt that we would adopt at least one child.  Knowing now that we cannot have a biological child, we still want to adopt.  My husband is a website developer and an EDI Coordinator.  He is tech savvy; whereas I, a teacher, am still very pen and paper.  Richard and I live a comfortable life and are very dedicated to helping others.  We are "Commit for Life" blood donors, and regular sponsors of a number of charitable organizations.  We are members in good standing of the First Baptist Church of Webster, and as such spend much of our free time involved in church activities.  We come from very close-knit families, and enjoy spending quality time with our parents and siblings.  We have a happy life and would love nothing more than to share that with a child.

I have been part of the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization since 2007.  I was matched with my Little Brother Tommy in 2007.  I watched Tommy grow from a little boy whose father had recently passed from cancer to a young man planning his future. Tommy has overcome his speech impediment and is now an A/B student. Tommy and I enjoy the arts, sports and any activity that is outdoors.  They split their outings between fun and volunteer activities.  Coming from a large family I know how important it is for every child to have one on one time with an adult.  I am very happy that Tommy is excited to be a "Big Brother" to our child someday.

Lorraine Wakeland


Richard Wakeland was born and raised in the gulf coast area of Texas. Richard is the youngest of 2 children. As a young child he attended public schools. He graduated in 1995 from Clear Creek High School and the went on to collage at a local Community College, where he majored in computer technology and golf. Richard has lived in Texas his entire life. He started working for a local golf manufacturing company and did a lot of traveling during that time. The golf company required him attend several trade shows throughout the year. He was able to visit many beautiful cities throughout the continental United States. He now works full time back here in Houston, Texas. He is an EDI Coordinator / IT Expert for a privately owned electrical distribution company. He is also a website developer with his own business, HigherGround Media Design. His website business has grown year after year since his first year of business in 2005.